Puppy Play and Stay is pleased to offer Enrichment Boarding – a specialized boarding experience for pups seeking safe and comfortable, limited and intentional, or non-pack play boarding. Pups who have successfully completed a pack play Orientation Day may participate in playgroup fun in addition to his/her individualized care and activities. During his/her Enrichment Boarding stay, in addition to frequent one-on-one potty breaks with a Pup Pro, your precious pup will enjoy 3 daily personalized Enrichment Activity sessions with our highly training Pup Pros.  Each Enrichment Activity has been designed to stimulate your pup’s brain and provide a physical outlet for their energy all while having a blast!  Enrichment Activities include Snuffle Mats, Puzzle Toys, Rally Run Through, Fetch Fanatics, Walkabout with a Leash, Basic Agility, Cuddle Time and much more! 

Enrichment Boarding is the ideal solution for pups who need more than the traditional boarding stay, do not enjoy pack play, senior pups, pups with medical needs, or pups who do not meet our spay and neuter requirements for pack play.

We have 3 fabulous suites for you and your pup to choose from!

Our Boarding rates are charged per pup, per night. We ask that all pups are picked up by 12PM on his/her departure day. If your pup needs care past 12PM, there is a $20 extended check-out fee that covers you and your pup until our lobby closes.

Enrichment Boarding Rates

  • Standard Suite is $53.00 / night ( 15 Sq. Ft. of lounging space )
  • Deluxe Suite is $60.00 / night ( 21 Sq. Ft. of lounging space )
  • Premium Suite is $67.00 / night ( 25+ Sq. Ft. of lounging space)

*Premium suites are also equipped with a private webcam for viewing outside of playtime.

Enrichment Boarding Discounts

Length of Stay: 

  • 4-7 nights = 5%
  • 8-11 nights = 10%
  • 12+ nights = 15%

Additional Pups for Shared Suites

  • Standard Suite = 10%
  • Deluxe & Premium Suite = 20%

*Pups must be part of the same family and household

What is included:

  • 3 daily personalized Enrichment Activity sessions with our highly trained Pup Pros.
  • Pack playtime with other daycare and boarding pups for pups who meet our pack play requirements.

  • Daily room service

  • A fuzzy, warm blanket for cuddling and comfort

  • Clean and private food / water dishes

  • A bedtime treat

  • 4 different, optional mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snack). We will prepare your pup’s food as instructed using their own personal, provided food or our Premium House Kibble, available for purchase.

  • Oral and/or liquid medications administered as instructed. (Puppy Play and Stay cannot accommodate injectable medications at this time.)

  • 50% OFF a Freshen Up Basic Bath when staying 3+ nights.

  • A Report Card to give you all the fun details of your pup’s stay!

What to Bring:

  • Your pup’s personal food
    • Food can be portioned out individually by meal or in one large Ziploc bag. Please label with your pup’s name, the amount of food to offer, and times of day they should be offered
  • Your pup’s personal medications and/or supplements.
    • All medications and supplements must be in their original bottles.
  • 1-2 toys and/or bedding items
    • Safety of belongings provided is determined by Puppy Play and Stay’s Pup Pro Discretion.
    • For the safety of your pup, we will not permit rope toys or rawhide bones to be kept in an unsupervised suite.
  • Treats your pup will work for during the Rally Run Through

Ala Carte Items:

Any of our Grooming Services 

If you want to continue your pup’s pampering after a fun day of play, there’s nothing better than a spa treatment! Puppy Play and Stay offers a variety of grooming services. Please visit our Grooming Services page or call us at 952-333-PLAY (7529) to schedule your grooming service!

One-on-One Experience $15 

Pups like having a personalized touch on their day. Choose one or more of our many One-on-One activities with a Pup Pro to make your pup’s day extra special. Some of the activities include a walk, cuddle time, playtime, puzzle toys, or  snuffle matt.

Frozen Stuffed Kong $4

Peanut Butter or Yogurt filling (you pick!) is placed in the Kong, and then frozen to allow for a fun and delicious treat! Perfect for stimulating mental health, the rubber Kong also helps promote clean teeth, control plaque, and remove food particles.

Frozen Frosty Paw $4

Frosty Paws treats are a tasty ice cream-like treat created specifically for pups! Your pup will feel rewarded by this scrumptious, long lasting treat. Pawrents may choose between peanut butter or original flavor to best fit your pup’s preference.

Enrichment Boarding FAQ’s

PPS is pleased to offer Enrichment Daycare and Boarding Care, a specialized daycare and boarding experience for pups seeking a non-traditional experience! Enrichment Care may be offered in combination with our traditional pack play daycare or may serve as a safe and comfortable non-pack play day, depending on the needs of your pup. Either way, your pup is going to love it! Enrichment Care is the ideal solution for pups who want more out of their day, pups who do not enjoy pack play, senior pups, pups with medical needs, or pups who do not meet our spay and neuter requirements for pack play.

While our Enrichment Care Program is an excellent option to help our pups who do not enjoy pack playtime or may not get along with other pups, pups who have successfully completed the group play portion of the our Orientation Day  and meet our spay and neuter requirements for group play will enjoy a day filled with pack play fun!

PPS offers a 10% discount when pups board sharing the same Standard Suite and a 20% discount when pups board sharing the same Deluxe & Premium Suites. Pups must live together in the same household to get the discount.

We suggest that you bring a bag of your pup’s favorite treats to keep at Puppy Play and Stay (can be stored at Puppy Play and Stay).