Enrichment Care Programs

Enrichment Care Programs

Enrichment Care Programs

Puppy Play and Stay is pleased to offer our Enrichment Care Programs – a specialized program for pups seeking safe and comfortable, limited and intentional, or non-pack play experience.
Each Enrichment Activity has been designed to stimulate your pup’s mind and provide a physical outlet for their energy – all while having a blast! Enrichment Activities include Snuffle Mats, Puzzle Toys, Rally Run Through, Fetch Fanatics, Walkabout with a Leash, Basic Agility, Cuddle Time and much more! Our Enrichment Care Program is the ideal solution for pups who need more than the traditional daycare or boarding stay, do not enjoy pack play, senior pups, pups with medical needs, or pups who do not meet our spay and neuter requirements for pack play.

Enrichment Care Programs are offered as a stand alone reservation, or as an add on to your pup’s scheduled daycare or boarding stay at Puppy Play and Stay!

Enrichment Care for the Lone Wolf :
Do you have a pup that needs their alone time? Our Enrichment Care for the Lone Wolf is the perfect solution for your daycare and boarding needs!

Enrichment Care for the Lone Wolf is a program designed to stimulate your pup’s mind, exercise their body and fulfill their craving for human attention throughout the day. When enrolled in our Enrichment Care for the Lone Wolf program, your pup will receive 2 daily activities with our Pup Pros and ample potty breaks in our outdoor play yards. Your pup will enjoy their playtimes with us, without being a member of our large playgroups.

  • $15 per day in addition to regular daycare or boarding rates.
Small Group Enrichment Care:
Is your pup over the age of 7 months and not yet spayed or neutered? They don’t have to miss out on the fun, we have the program for you! While intact pups over 7 months are not able to join our larger packs, we can create small playgroups of appropriate pups to allow intact pups the opportunity to play with friends while they are here with us! During this enrichment care day, your pup will enjoy 2 small playgroup sessions in a group of no more than 5 pups, Pup Pros. Cost:
  • $15 per day in addition to regular daycare or boarding rates.
Add On Services for Daycare and Boarding:
Does your pup love pack play AND one on one human attention? Add On Activities are the way to go! Add On Activities are offered in combination with any of Puppy Play and Stay’s services, including Lone Wolf and Small Group Enrichment Services! Add On Activities allow your pup a fun opportunity to enjoy the benefits of pack play, while also providing opportunities to learn, build relationships with Pup Pros and have a blast!

  • $15 per Add on Activity or purchase a package of 11 activities for $150 – that is a buy 10 get 1 free offer!

Ala Carte Items:

Any of our Grooming Services 

If you want to continue your pup’s pampering after a fun day of play, there’s nothing better than a spaw treatment! Puppy Play and Stay offers a variety of grooming services. Please visit our Grooming Services page or call us at 952-333-PLAY (7529) to schedule your grooming service!

One-on-One Experience $15

Pups like having a personalized touch on their day. Choose one or more of our many One-on-One activities with a Pup Pro to make your pup’s day extra special. Some of the activities include a walk, cuddle time, playtime, puzzle toys, or snuffle matt.

Frozen Stuffed Kong $4

Peanut Butter or Yogurt filling (you pick!) is placed in the Kong, and then frozen to allow for a fun and delicious treat! Perfect for stimulating mental health, the rubber Kong also helps promote clean teeth, control plaque, and remove food particles.
Ice Cream Treat $4
Puppy Play and Stay is pleased to offer doggy ice cream, made specifically for pups! Your pup will feel rewarded by this scrumptious, long-lasting treat. We offer a variety of flavors for you to pick from and know your pup will love their tasty treat!

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