Your pup is going to get a wee bit grubby from time to time.  Bring in your dirty pup and use our wash facilities.

All you need to bring is the dog!

We give you all the tools to make your dog sparkle (or at least smell great)! It allows you to have a hands-on experience with your dog and leaves the mess to us.

You won’t have to clean the bathroom ceiling or play a game of chase around the yard, hose in hand. Our wash facility makes it easy for you and for your pup! Walk ins are welcome!

Benefits to Bathing your Pup!

  • Removes dirt and odor
    This seems somewhat obvious, but you always know it’s time for a bath when your dog is getting smelly. Baths, especially with some great smelling dog shampoo, are an easy way to keep your dog’s hygiene in tip-top shape. Make sure to avoid the dog’s ears, eyes, and nose with the shampoo.
  • Strengthens bond with your dog
    Spending time bathing your favorite four-legged friend helps fortify the relationship between the two of you, especially if your pup enjoys bath time. Dogs are relaxed by the repetitive motions and stimulation of being brushed and washed. Plus, the more often you wash your dog, the more likely they are to enjoy the experience. Especially if there are treats!
  • Softer coat
    Bathing your dog and using a nice moisturizing dog shampoo can help keep your dog’s coat nice and soft. Many dog owners will also use coconut oil or a natural conditioner after shampoo in order to maintain the moisture in their fur.
  • Reduced shedding
    The more often you bathe your dog, the less they are going to shed. If you are getting tired of vacuuming and picking up clumps of hair from your dog every day, a frequent bath followed by brushing your dog will help grab those loose hairs before they end up on your floor. A cleaner home for you!
  • Helps with allergies (yours and theirs!)
    Dog’s fur is the perfect place to trap allergens, dirt, and bacteria. If you or your dog suffers from allergies, you will benefit from bathing your dog more often. The more often dogs are bathed, the less allergens they will be carrying around in their fur. Washing helps not only your dog, but also you with keeping your allergies at bay.
  • Helps monitor your dog’s health
    As your bathe your dog, this acts as a time to take a close look at your dog to check to see if they’re healthy. During their bath, make sure to check their ears, teeth, nails, and skin to see if there is redness or anything abnormal. This time is also a great time to check for fleas, mites, or lice that way you can get these issues taken care of quickly.

Self-Wash Rules

  • All dogs must be up to date on vaccines and proof of provided to Puppy Play and Stay prior to entry.
  • Must keep your pup on a leash the entire time they are in our facility for self-washing services. When in the tubs they must use the tub tie downs.
  • No aggressive dogs are allowed. Must be able to get along with others.


Self-Wash Pricing

Our self-wash includes the following. No need to bring anything but your dirty dog!

Raised Wash Tubs
Shampoos (choice of hypoallergenic, organic, deodorizing, degreasing, fur reducing)
Ear Cleaner
Professional Grade Grooming Tools
Professional Grade Dryers

Price is $15 for the first 30 minutes and $5 every 10 minutes after.

Puppy Play and Stay requires that your pup completes a Free Orientation Day before you can schedule a stay with us. Please contact us  for information about scheduling their Free Orientation Day!