Meet Puppy Play & Stay Stars

You will have a blast at our place! We have many toys and treats to share! Meet our canine consultants that inspired us  to create this little piece of dog heaven here in Lakeville!

We can't wait to meet you


My name is Miles and I’m one of the canine consultants at Puppy Play and Stay. That’s a fancy way of saying it’s my job to make sure the people around here get things right. Let me tell you, they’re doing some super fun stuff that’s going to cause a lot of tails to wag.

I live in Lakeville with my people family. My dad, Joe, helped come up with the idea for Puppy Play & Stay. He’s always loved dogs, and when he saw how much fun I was having at some of the doggie daycares around town, he decided to build me my own playhouse. My mom, Caarin, gives really good belly rubs and has the best-tasting shoes. I have a couple of two-legged sisters, too. Autumn and Afton love to play tug, especially if I bring them one of their favorite stuffed animals. They’re pretty good at tag too, but only when I let them catch me.

My whole family is excited for Puppy Play & Stay to open and to be the first doggie daycare in Lakeville. Joe and Caarin love living here. They both own local businesses and Joe’s even a volunteer firefighter so it’s going to be great to be able to work and play so close to home. We’re going to have the best of everything… plenty of room for my friends to come play every day, snuggly beds for sleepovers for my pals whose families have to go out of town, and much, much more.

I hope you’ll check back to keep up with our progress. I’m trying to get my people to work as fast as they can, but for some reason they don’t seem to be as motivated as I am by food. See you soon!

Welcome to Puppy Play & Stay! 

We’re the Boldenow sisters—Lana and Lola, and we can’t wait to meet you. The people in our family are working on a fantastic place for us to get together and socialize. It’s going to be a ton of fun and full of all of the things us dogs adore.

Our dad, Bill, loves dogs (especially us) and has all kinds of plans to create the best puppy playhouse in town. He has lots of experience as a business owner and our whole family is excited to be building a business around something we all love—dogs! Katie, our mom, is the best. She bakes special treats for us and always makes sure we have enough room on the bed. Then there are our two-legged siblings, Mackenzie, Alec and Averie. They spoil us with parties and presents for our birthdays. You’re going to love celebrating with them, too!

We can’t think of a better place to build Puppy Play & Stay than Lakeville. Our friends are going to have a blast at our new space. And don’t worry if you’re nervous the first time you come. 

We’ll show you around and share our toys. Our people are great with snuggles and making sure you’ll feel right at home. They’re pretty generous with the treats too if you give them your best puppy dog eyes. We’re looking forward to sniffing you soon!

Let's be friends forever. We have enough snuggles and belly rubs to share with you!