A premium dog daycare in Lakeville: because your fur buddy deserves the kind of socialization, exercise, and care that every loved one in the family does. They need little furry friends too - to share “ruff” days, chase lots of balls or snuggle up for a cuddle nap.

Puppy Play and Stay crew is here to provide the best doggy daycare service available. Our state of the art building was built to facilitate a safe and friendly environment so your pup can play until their hearts content!

Mental stimulation is important for your pup. We have created the perfect environment for stimulating and socially rewarding playtime for your beloved doggo. 

We have invested in play equipment that is designed to specifically promote active social interaction, physical exercise and mental stimulation. Each area has plenty of fun!

Come play with us!

dog daycare Lakeville

Dog daycare, Lakeville: The essentials

Because our first priority is the overall health and safety of our guests. We require intake paperwork that verifies the necessary vaccinations have been given as well as records their veterinarian information. We require all our pup friends to pass a scheduled intake evaluation before staying or playing  at our facility. 

Puppy Play and Stay staff are experienced Play Pros with a genuine love for your pup. Your pups tail will start wagging as soon as they realize where they are going. Having your best friend spend the day with us is a Pup Pros dream come true!

 When your fur baby come to Puppy Play and Stay, they become a part of our family and we will always treat them that way – they deserve it for all the loyalty and unconditional love they bring to you, your home and now us! 

Puppy Play and Stay is where the fun never ends and where your pup will always want to come back.

We take care when you’re not there!

Daycare is offered everyday, even on the weekends!

Puppy Play and Stay requires that your pup completes a Free Orientation Day before you can schedule a stay with us. Please contact us  for information about scheduling their Free Orientation Day!

Daycare Rates

  • Full Day of Daycare is $35.00 ( 5+ hours of play)
  • Half Day of Daycare is $25.00 (5 hours of play)
  • Lunchtime Meal: $3
Package Daycare Rates

# Days

Half Day Daycare

Full Day Daycare


$120.00 + tax

$170.00 + tax


$225.00 + tax

$320.00 + tax


$425.00 + tax

$600.00 + tax


$600.00 + tax

$840.00 + tax


Daycare Amenities

  • Large separate play areas with indoor and outdoor access.
  • Large outdoor exercise play area
  • Play groups are based on pet guests size, temperament and play style.
  • Highly trained staff in each play area at all times.
  • Rubber sealed floors that are soft on your pups feet.
  • Custom playground equipment specifically made for dogs.
  • Webcams installed in all of our Daycare areas. Visit our Webcam Page for access.
  • Ample amounts of fresh drinking water in each play area.

Ala Carte Items:

Any of our Grooming Services 

If you want to continue your pupper’s pampering up after a fun day of play, there’s nothing better than a spa treatment. Puppy Play and Stay offers a variety of pup grooming services.

One on One Cuddle Time or Play Time $15.00

Your dog wants nothing but love and attention! While you’re away, we will spend 20 minutes of one on one quality time with your pup. Consists of all the snuggles and cuddling they deserve!

Kong Chew Toy (filled with a yogurt or peanut buttery treat) $4.00

Perfect for stimulating mental health exercise for your dogs mind, the natural rubber also helps promote clean teeth, help control plaque and removes food particles.

Your pup can enjoy a Kong chew toy filled with either a yogurt or peanut buttery treat!

Daycare Hours

Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
The last pickup is 7:00 p.m. If guests are not picked up by 7:00 p.m., standard boarding rates will apply based on a suite sized appropriately to safely accommodate your pup(s). Normal boarding rates apply and discounts for additional guests staying in the same suite will still apply.