Grooming Services

Grooming Services

We don’t just offer grooming services, we offer pampering from nose to tail. With a full-service salon on site, you can set up your pup with any one of our spa treatments. Your dog will adore the attention and you’ll love the convenience!

If you want to keep your pupper’s cheer up after a fun day of play, there is nothing better than a spa treatment. We are experts in making your pup feel (& smell) like a true star. 

There is no better way to say “‘thank you for being so loyal” to your furry buddy than a nice spa treatment!.Your pup will feel refreshed and fabulous. 

The best dog grooming services in Lakeville, MN! We offer:

Bubbly dog bath – Pet grooming starts with an awesome bubbly bath.  We use all-natural products because we want to keep your furbaby both fabulous and healthy. The home grooming routine can be complicated and result in a bigger mess than you probably want to deal with. If you want professional results, contact us to make an appointment.

Get Spiffy Full Bath: all include a massaging shampoo and conditioner, thorough blow dry, teeth brushing, brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning, eye cleaning and a treat.
$31.00 (0-30 lbs)
$37.00 (31-50 lbs)
$45.00 (51-75 lbs)
$52.00 (76 lbs+)

Freshen Up Bath: all include a shampoo, towel dry, ear and eye cleaning.
$17.00 (0-30 lbs)
$22.00 (31-50 lbs)
$28.00 (51-75 lbs)
$34.00 (76 lbs+)


FURminator Treatment!  Add $20.00 to any bath option

Dog hair is, well hairy… That is why we use The FURminator! Together, this specialized brush and shampoo treatment, can safely and easily remove loose hair and undercoat without damaging topcoat. Best of all, it reduces shedding up to 90% with regular use.

Nail Care
For soft paws that are itching to be cuddled. It’s so nerve-wracking to cut your dog’s nails and smooth them down at home. Just have us do it! Your pupper’s paws will be healthier and ready to play the day away!

Nail Clipping $10.00

Nail Sculpting $15.00
(this is done with a tool that shapes the nails to prevent sharp edges and healthier shorter nails) This is the best nail sculpting your pup can get!

Ear and Eye Cleaning $10.00
We highly recommend doing this every two weeks. We will remove unpleasant odors and prevent frequent ear infections. We use hypoallergenic products and we gently clean the ear canals.

Teeth Brushing $10.00
Great dental care is a must! Happy doggies can show us their pearly whites and we will give them a dazzling smile.

Brush Out $10.00
A good brushing will help to remove surface dust, dirt and fur. The other benefits of brushing are reduced shedding, keeps coats shiny and fabulous, prevents greasy buildup, and helps to spot any bump or skin issues early on. Plus your pup feels and looks great! 

Bringing your dog to Puppy Play and Stay will improve their social life tremendously… and they will of course look and feel great!