Puppy Play and Stay offers premium boarding services in Lakeville - for the most pawesome experience possible! Premium, Deluxe or Standard suites - it is up to you to decide.

With our overnight pup lodging, you can rest assured that your furry family member is in good hands, getting enough cuddles, enough comfy sleep, enough stimulating exercise and treats while you are away!    During their stay, they will have a blast playing with their pals in one of our huge  indoor and outdoor play areas full of fun FURniture, friends, pup safe toys, playground equipment (specifically designed for dog fun), tasty treats and plenty of comfy napping spots.  Our highly trained staff is on hand, actively participating and monitoring each and every dog! Your pup will definitely want to be back for more –  more play,  more treats and  more friends!

Dog Boarding Services, Lakeville, MN

We want the best for your furry friend. We are only here to keeping them entertained, energized safe and healthy at all times. Our Premium, Deluxe and Standard suites  are designed with one goal in mind: to spoil your best friend. We offer custom built private suites decorated with pure love.  We equipped our suites with comfy Kuranda cots, lots of space, fun toys so your dog can lay back and enjoy. Each guest has their own separated suite to ensure quiet undisturbed rest.  Most importantly, we have equipped our facility with many high definition webcams so you can check in on your pup at any time! Puppy Play and Stay Pup Pros want the best experience for your pet. 

So, give us a call and  hop on board with us!

Puppy Play and Stay requires that your pup completes a Free Orientation Day before you can schedule a stay with us. Please contact us  for information about scheduling their Free Orientation Day!

Boarding Suites
Additional pet guests from the same family sharing the same suite will receive a discount off the nightly rate. For our Deluxe Suite and Premium Suites, each additional guest is 20% off the nightly rate.

Boarding Rates

  • Standard Suite $50.00/night
    • Our Custom Standard Suites has your pups’ comfort in mind! Each Standard Suite includes a Kuranda raised cot and a fuzzy warm blanket for cuddling and comfort.
  • Deluxe Suite $57.00/night
    • Our Custom Deluxe Suites have over 21 square feet of private space so your pup can stretch out. Just as in our Standard Suite, the Deluxe Suite includes a Kuranda raised cot and a fuzzy
      warm blanket for cuddling and comfort! These suites come with a 20% per additional guest discount (up to two depending on size of guests).
  • Premium Suite $64.00/night
    • Our Custom Premium Suites have over 30 square feet of private space. These are used as ‘family’ suite and can accommodate one pup or up to three. As in our other suites, each Premium
      Suite also includes a huge Kuranda raised cot and a fuzzy warm blanket for cuddling and comfort! Each Premium Suite also has its own webcam for you to check in your furry buddy whenever you want! These suites come with a 20% per additional guest discount (up
      to three or four depending on size of guests).

Our custom-built suites were designed to facilitate rest and relaxation. Pet parents may select from three different suite accommodations. Puppy Play and Stay offers a variety of suites to accommodate any pup and owner’s needs.

Included in every Suite at Puppy Play and Stay

  • Up to 8 hours of daily Pack Play in one of our large indoor or outdoor playrooms
  • Daily maid service and linen changes
  • Room Service – up to four meals a day. This includes your pets’ personal food or our Premium House Kibble , prepared as instructed.
  • Comfortable Kuranda bed
  • A snuggly blanket
  • Oral and/or liquid medications administered as instructed (Puppy Play and Stay does not accommodate injectable medications at
    this time)
  • Guest Report Card with each stay
  • 50% OFF a Freshen Up Basic Bath when staying 3+ nights

Checking In

There are a few ways that you can help us keep your boarding check in quick and easy AND help keep your pup safe and happy during their stay with us!

When boarding your pup at Puppy Play and Stay, please make sure your Gingr profile is up to date with your contact information, your emergency contact’s information, and your pup’s veterinary clinic information. We also ask that you verify that feeding, medication and health information is all correctly entered in your pup’s Gingr profile. If your pup needs any medications or supplements, please keep the medications in the original bottle. You will be asked to confirm medication administration instructions at check in.

To ensure that each pup is offered the correct portion and does not run out of their food during their stay, we ask that clients pre-package
their pup’s meals. Please package your pup’s meals into individual meals labeled with your pup’s name and the meal the portion is to be offered to your pup. For those that do not wish to pre-package their pup’s meals, we would be happy to portion their meals at an additional charge of $2 per meal. Pre-portioning your pup’s meals helps us keep our cost to you down and allows us to focus on what matters – caring for your pup!

Please leave Fluffy’s toys, crates, and bedding at home. Puppy Play and Stay gladly provides a comfortable and cool Kuranda cot for all of
our pups, with cozy blankets included! We prefer that toys stay at home, as your precious pumpkin will be too tired to want to play with their toys during rest time! For safety reasons, we will not accept rope toys, rawhides, or other items that can cause intestinal blockages or be choked on in the suite. If Fluffy needs an item from home, please call our management team prior to Fluffy’s stay to request additional accommodation. 

Ala Carte Items

-Any of our Grooming Services 

If you want to keep your pupper’s cheer up after a hard day of play, there is nothing better than a spa day. Puppy Play and Stay offers a variety of dog grooming services.

Cuddle or Play Time $15.00

Your dog wants nothing but love and attention! While you’re away, we will spend 20 minutes of one on one quality time with your pup. Consists of all the snuggles and cuddling they deserve!

Kong Chew Toy (filled with a yogurt or peanut buttery treat) $4.00

Perfect for stimulating mental health exercise for your dogs mind, the natural rubber also helps promote clean teeth, help control plaque, and remove food particles.

Your pup can enjoy a Kong chew toy filled with a peanut buttery treat or an ice cream treat!

Boarding Hours

Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Boarding stays are charged a flat rate per 24-hour time period. Additional daycare charges will be applied in accordance with hours in daycare on departure day beyond the 24-hour mark. (Ex: Fluffy checked in at 7 am on arrival day but checks out at 11 am on departure day. A half day of daycare will be added to Fluffy’s stay)

Boarding check in time is any time prior to 5:00 on the scheduled check in day.