Frequently Asked Questions


We can’t wait to meet you and your pup!  To join our pack and sign up for any of our services, you must first complete a new client profile which can be found on our home page. 

Prior to joining our play packs or reserving an overnight boarding stay, all new pups must complete our free Orientation Day!  Orientations are offered by appointment only, and we strive to accommodate the schedule of our pups and their pawrents.  To schedule your free orientation or to learn more, please contact us!  Once your pup has completed their orientation, they will be welcomed to our pack and a member of our team will provide suggestions on the appropriate programs that best fit your pups needs.

No orientation is needed for grooming or training services.

Our free Orientation Day may be one of the most important days your pup will experience as a member of the Puppy Play and Stay pack! Our Orientation Day is offered by appointment only and lasts the entire day. You will not need to stay for the entire day, but please plan to spend approximately 5-10 minutes with our Orientation Specialist at the beginning of your pup’s Orientation. 

Our Orientation Day consists of a carefully managed introduction to our facility, staff members and our playgroups and is critical to the success of each pack member.  During this time, our highly trained Orientation Specialists will observe your pup’s behaviors and body language and will provide feedback and recommendations for the programs that will provide the best fit for your precious pumpkin. 

During your pup’s orientation day, your pup will meet many new people and other pups!  The initial introduction is performed at a gradual pace according to each individual pup. Your pup will begin their Orientation Day with our Orientation Specialist, and they will have an opportunity to explore the facility and get snuggles from new human friends.  Once your pup is comfortable in the facility and with the new humans, we will slowly introduce a mellow, neutral mentor pup.  We slowly add pups to the small group while observing your pup’s comfort level and interactions with new friends.  From there, your pup will join our larger groups, or a small group enrichment program may be recommended.  Once your pup has completed and passed the Orientation Day, they are an official member of the Puppy Play and Stay pack and additional services may be scheduled.

We offer two primary playgroups, our Puppy Playground Pack and our Ruffhouse Retreat Pack. Our pack is first divided by temerament and then playstyle. This allows us to keep our packs as safe and as comfortable as possible for all our pups! We do not separate by size. If at any time, we are concerned for the comfort or safety of your pup, they may be assigned to a different playgroup, provided a rest break, or a staff member may contact you to discuss the best program for the remainder of your pup’s stay with us.

We require all pups to be 4 months old and fully vaccinated with their Rabies, DHPP (Distemper and Parvo combo) and Bordetella vaccinations before participating in an orientation day to enter our adult daycare and boarding programs. While some puppies may have all their vaccinations prior to being 4 months old, we strongly recommend that puppies join our Puppypalooza program rather than our adult pack as puppies under 4 months old are not physically or emotionally ready to play with the “big kids” just yet.  

Yes, in an effort to keep our pack safe and healthy we require that all pups, once they turn 7 months old be spayed or neutered in order to participate in our large pack play environment. We require a two week waiting period post spay or nueter procedure to allow time for them to heal. Please check with your veterinarian to make sure your pup is safe to play in group post operation. Pups who are 7 months or older are welcome to participate in our Lone Wolf program until they are spayed/neutered! There are so many different types of pups out there and we have seen it all. We wanted to curate an enrichment program to serve our pups that need individualized care so we developed the Lone Wolf program. This program is for our pups that need their alone time or for our pups that are over 7 months old and are not spayed or neutered. If your pup would like to participate in group play, we require that

Senior pups are welcome at Puppy Play and Stay!  If your pup is in declining health or is very advanced in age, we may recommend in home care for their comfort.  Please be sure to note on the application any restrictions or special care your senior pup may need.

YES!!!  We require pawrents to pre-package their pup’s food to ensure proper portions. Please let our highly trained Pup Pros know of any special schedules or additions needed to make you pup feel at home as much as possible while you are away. 

Puppy Play and Stay recognizes that every pup is unique, and some have special needs. Our Pup Pros will be happy to accommodate special medical needs or administration of medications.

While we do our best to accommodate pups with special needs, there may be some situations or conditions that we may be unable to accommodate.  For example, our Pup Pros are NOT able to accommodate injectable medications.  We encourage you to check with your veterinarian to ensure that boarding and/or daycare are recommended for your pup prior to making your reservation. Please call with any specific concerns for more information.

Pups are welcome to join our daycare as often as the pawrent would like, but please refer to your pup’s Orientation Day report card recommendations on frequency in pack play!  Like humans, pups need rest too and an overtired pup may not enjoy play with their friends as much as a rested pup will.

Generally, yes.  Imagine you have just spent the day at the gym… this is how your pup feels after their first day of daycare!  During your pup’s time at Puppy Play and Stay, they will always have access to fresh water and will be offered an opportunity to rest, but may still be thirsty, tired and have sore feet from playing all day when you arrive home. This is all completely normal!  If you feel that your pup’s behavior following daycare is beyond the “normal” level of tiredness that you might expect following a day of fun, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian.

Many of our pup friends have very soft paw pads when they first join our pack – this is normal!  After spending a day running around, you may notice that your pup’s paw pads are tender or appear blistered.  While it is no fun to see our pup friends in pain, this is common in the dog world, especially when a pup encounters a new surface and paws will generally heal on their own over the course of a few days.  This is very similar to the blisters humans get on their feet when they run in brand new shoes – over time, your pup will develop calluses and will not have such tender paws after play!

If you notice your pup has sore paws following a day of fun, give us a call!  We will note this on their profile and will apply Musher’s Secret, a protective wax coating to their paws before any future play days.  We also perform our nose to tail massages multiple times each day and will apply Musher’s Secret if we notice their paw pads appear to be tender.

At Puppy Play and Stay, we strive to create a safe, healthy, and fun environment for our entire pack.  In the event of a minor incident, a pup may be asked to take a break of several days to several weeks to return to a normal emotional and physical state.  In the event of a major incident, a pup may be excused from pack play or our facility at the discretion of our highly trained management team. 

If you notice your pup has sore paws following a day of fun, give us a call!  We will note this on their profile and will apply Musher’s Secret, a protective wax coating to their paws before any future play days.  We also perform our nose to tail massages multiple times each day and will apply Musher’s Secret if we notice their paw pads appear to be tender.

Canine Cough is the common cold of the doggy world and includes symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or a runny nose.  Canine Cough is mostly an airborne illness and is common in areas where dogs are social – the dog park, the vet’s office, dog friendly stores, and even in your own neighborhood.  Canine Cough is a term used to describe a group of illnesses that cause upper respiratory symptoms in pups, the most common of which is Bordetella.  Every pup is required to be current on their Bordetella vaccination to enter our facility. Much like the flu vaccine for humans, the Bordetella vaccine does not fully protect from all strains of the Bordetella virus but covers the most common strains and can help minimize symptoms.

As responsible pup care providers, we have outfitted our facility with an air exchange system that turns over the air in the building 8.5 times per hour and we utilize veterinary grade disinfectant throughout our facility to maintain a clean and sterilized environment.  We do daily nose-to-tail massages on every pup where we look for anything out of the ordinary or for signs of illness.  We also do not allow pups with symptoms of any infectious illness to enter our facility, and should a pup develop symptoms during a boarding stay or daycare day, he or she will be kept separate from our pack.

Just like at school or daycare for your human kiddos, if your pup has been coughing, wheezing, sneezing, has a runny nose, unexplained diarrhea or vomiting, or has been feeling under the weather, please DO NOT bring them in to play.  Pups displaying symptoms of illness should NOT socialize with other pups until he/she has been 14 days symptom free. For the safety of all our pups, if your pup is displaying symptoms during play, we will ask you to bring him/her home.  If have concerns about the well-being of your pup, please contact your veterinarian for treatment options or further information. 

If you notice your pup has sore paws following a day of fun, give us a call!  We will note this on their profile and will apply Musher’s Secret, a protective wax coating to their paws before any future play days.  We also perform our nose to tail massages multiple times each day and will apply Musher’s Secret if we notice their paw pads appear to be tender.

Pups who are or have been sick, injured, or on restricted play, we kindly ask that they stay home to get better and do not return for 14 days. Pups who have been diagnosed with a contagious illness must obtain a veterinarian clearance note in order to rejoin due to the safety and health of our other pack members. Pups who have had surgery and/or on restricted play we ask they wait until they are fully healed as well as obtain a clearance note from their veterinarian as this can be a stressful environment and their safety is the highest priority while they are here with us. If you have questions or want to talk through options, you may always call and speak with our leadership team!