Frequently Asked Questions


To join our pack, all new pups must complete our new pup application and complete our free orientation.  Typically, an orientation will take 2-4 hours, but may take longer as the orientation is based on the needs of each individual pup.  Orientations are offered by appointment only, and we strive to accommodate the schedule of our pups and their pawrents. Pawrents are not required to stay for the orientation, and we will contact you when your pup’s orientation is complete! To schedule your free orientation or to learn more, please contact us!

Following a successful orientation, you will be able to schedule future daycare and boarding stays.

Why does my dog need an orientation?

The orientation gives your dog a chance to slowly adjust to the new environment (staff, play yards and dogs) at Puppy Play and Stay. It also gives us the information needed to place your dog into the play group that is the best fit. Even if your dog has been socialized at dog parks or other daycare facilities, new environments can prompt different behaviors. You can rest easy knowing that every other dog your pup interacts with has completed the type of testing for overall safety.

What is the orientation?

The orientation is an assessment of your dog by our highly trained Pup Pro Crew to determine the best group for your dog based on temperament, size and activity level. Every dog is different, so to maximize the success in our program for your dog we need to perform this initial orientation.

How is the orientation performed?

The initial introduction is performed at a gradual pace according to each individual dog. Your dog is introduced to the play yard alone for a chance to explore on his own. We also spend time with each dog individually for them to become comfortable with new people. After becoming familiar with the yard and staff, we begin to slowly introduce our test dogs. Test dogs are very well-known to our staff and considered “neutral personalities” who are comfortable in any group type. We continue to add dogs to the test group based on your dog’s comfort level until we have a full play group. As the orientation continues, your dog may be tried in every group that day in order to give us the best possible feedback.

Groups are divided by size, energy and overall temperament. Throughout the orientation we will determine which groups might be the best fit for your dog. If we notice any issues during the evaluation, you will be contacted and a plan of action will be discussed. Sometimes a second orientation day may be necessary based on your dog’s progress during  the initial orientation. Once your dog has completed and passed the orientation, he is approved for drop-off Daycare and Boarding as often as you would like and packages may be purchased for future visits.

At the end of the orientation, you will receive a personalized report card with individualized feedback.

Although we do not have a minimum age requirement, we do require all pups to be fully vaccinated before entering our facility.  The required vaccinations include Rabies, DHPP (Distemper and Parvo combo), and Bordetella.

Senior pups are welcome at Puppy Play and Stay.  Being old is not a disease! Please be sure to note on the application any restrictions or special care your senior pup may need.

YES!!!  You are encouraged to bring your own food and let our highly trained Pup Pros know of any special schedules or additions needed to make you pup feel at home as much as possible while you are away.

Puppy Play and Stay recognizes that every pup is unique and some have special needs. Our Pup Pros will be happy to accommodate special medical needs or administration of medications. While we do our best to accommodate pups with special needs, there may be some situations or conditions that we may be unable to accomodate.  For example, our Pup Pros are NOT able to accommodate injectable medications at this time. We encourage you to check with your veterinarian to ensure that boarding or daycare are recommended for your pup prior to making your reservation. Please call with any specific concerns for more information.

Pups are welcome to join our daycare as often as the Pawrent would like!  Please keep in mind that, like humans, pups need rest too. If we are concerned that your pup is overtired and needs a nap, we may place him or her in a suite to snooze for a while.

Imagine you have just spent the day at the gym… this is how your pup feels after their first day of daycare!  During your pup’s time at Puppy Play and Stay, he or she will have access to fresh water at all times and will be offered an opportunity to rest, but he or she may still be thirsty, tired and have sore feet from playing all day when you arrive home. This is all completely normal!

At Puppy Play and Stay, we strive to create a safe, healthy and fun environment for our entire pack.  In the event of a minor incident, a pup may be suspended for a time until the concern can be properly addressed.  In the event of a major incident, a pup may be expelled from our facility at the discretion of our highly trained team.  In the event that your pup is suspended or expelled, our team of highly trained Pup Pros will provide recommendations for alternative options. 

The health and safety of our pups is our number one priority.  To help protect from the spread of ANY illness, we have strict protocols in place regarding sanitization, disinfecting and safety.

Canine cough is a term used to refer to a contagious respiratory infection that causes symptoms such as a deep cough, sneezing, runny nose, etc…. Like human colds, canine cough commonly goes around in the fall and in the springtime in any area that is frequented by multiple animals (vet office, dog park, boarding and dog daycare centers).  We require that all pups be up to date on their Bordetella vaccination. Similar to the human flu shot, the Bordetella vaccination protects against most strains of the virus that causes canine cough. It does not protect against all strains of the infection.

If you have any questions about canine cough, please see a staff member or your veterinarian. 


Currently we offer Freshen Up Baths as well as The Deluxe Bath! We also have nail trimming and sculpting as well as eye and ear cleaning, tooth brushing,  Nail Trims, ear/eye cleaning and baths can be added to boarding or daycare visits. 

Please call or look under Grooming Services for more details.

Full-service grooming is coming soon!