Dog boarding essentials: when you need to travel and you want your pet in the safe hands

We get that your pet is one of the most important members of your family and you probably can’t imagine a day without those sweet little eyes. But sometimes it happens that you need to leave them behind for a few days. No matter if it is a business trip, vacation, or a weekend away – we know how you are feeling right now. Maybe a bit guilty because you can’t take them with you or you are a bit worried because you imagine every worst-case scenario possible for your little furry friend.

Or you could be preemptively lonely for your little one’s company. Let us clear that anxious fog infiltrating your mind. It doesn’t need to be a traumatic experience to be away from your pet. You just need a little preparation. Book your pet with us for boarding and be open for communication with our dog boarding staff. You need to inform them about every important detail about your little furry friend’s day. We’ve prepared a list of important steps you will need to take. That will set the foundation of proper dog care that the boarding staff will provide. So, let’s get started!

Know your pet …dog boarding essentials guide

It is important to inform the staff about your pet…that includes your pet’s personality and temper. Also, it is important to mention if your doggy is sensitive, hyperactive, or anxious. That will help with the setting of the environment for your pet. You can take a tour before dropping your pet off, to check on both the environment and to make sure that your furry friend will enjoy their stay.

Another thing to consider is the health of your pet and its overall state. Before entering the play area or dog hotel, you need to get your pet properly vaccinated. Most dog hotels will require a Rabies vaccine, DHPP vaccine (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, and Parainfluenza) and a Bordetella vaccine. Some hotels will ask for even more vaccines and proof that they are protected from flea infestation and from ticks. 

You need to inform the dog hotel staff about feeding habits and if your pet is having issues with the digestive system or have any certain allergies. Also, if your pet is using medications, you need to leave clear instructions for use.

Provide them with their home essentials


If they have a favorite toy, blanket or pillow – you are welcome to bring that with your pet at the dog hotel. It is important to create a home-like atmosphere that they can get used to. Homemade food is also a big plus – the more the better, pack everything and give correct instructions. They will miss you, that is for sure, but these essentials are the best way to fill that gap in the meantime. Also, if you are worried – dog hotels provide surveillance of your doggy and a real-time update on how your doggo is feeling. You can rest assured and enjoy your vacation knowing that your furry friend is in great hands, getting enough cuddles and exercise.

The hardest part

It is, of course, saying goodbye. We know this sounds cruel, but the quicker goodbye, the better. For you and for your pets. We’ve seen some goodbyes straight from Hollywood movies. But the best part is always your reunion – this is our favorite part. We want to provide the best experience for your pet, no matter the length of stay. Puppy Play & Stay is here to provide loving care for your furry family member!