Doggy daycare benefits: 

Doggy daycare has numerous benefits. It provides constant opportunities for your puppy to meet and play with new dogs, as well as express normal doggy behavior day in and out. They will spend their canine energy thoroughly and they get continual mental stimulation from fellow dogs and our awesome staff.  If you decide to get yourself a dog, you need to know that it is a very big responsibility that doesn’t go away. You are not getting yourself a toy that you can leave behind after you get bored. A dog is not an ornament that goes with your style or a phase to try out; it is your loyal friend and family member who will need you to survive.

Sometimes it isn’t enough for some dogs to get their morning walk and be obedient at home all day without human or animal interaction. You might soon notice a fall in its behavior. And is anything sadder than those sweet eyes, begging for more love and attention when you get home from work?  So if you can, provide an opportunity for your pup to stay energized, happy and entertained all day. If you are a busy pet owner and you want to provide the best care when you are not around – doggy daycare is a real lifesaver. If, on the other hand, you love spending time with your pet but you want to work on its social skills – that can also be arranged. You all share one thing in common: unconditional love for your dog. Glad that we are on the same page! Together we will work on your pet’s socialization, proper mental stimulation, and exercise. 

Some proven benefits of dog day care

The benefits are numerous but we have chosen the most important. We’ve seen it many times, but these are the core benefits.

Exercise and socialization

When attending a daycare facility, the main goal is to learn to interact with other dogs. Through play with other dogs, each dog will express their natural behavior. They will feel free and energized. They will learn to socialize naturally and safely. Based on dog age, breed, and temper, the daycare team creates a specialized plan and every day is different. Sometimes the play is open-ended and sometimes there will be strictly organized with playtime. It depends and it is all in the best interest of your pet.

Human touch and its importance

As we mentioned above – it isn’t compassionate to your pet to decide to have one and then leave them on their own. Human contact is the most important part of your dog’s day. In the puppy daycare, daycare staff will interact with your dog in different ways. During the playtime portion of the day, if your pet desires, staff will approach and interact with them. Of course, during downtime and rest, staff will kindly approach to provide appropriate care (and cuddles).

Boredom? What is it?

Let’s face it, no one wants to feel bored. Your pet can’t tell you that, but you will feel that something is off. It could lead to lethargic behavior and later, they can also express more aggressive and destructive behavior. Everyone wants to avoid this, of course. So let them enjoy the great company of their furry friends and experienced pet sitters. You will feel better and trust us, your dog will be much happier and healthier.