Dog grooming at home can be messy – but it’s not rocket science. It will help your dog look more fabulous with a shiny coat and healthy until the next appointment with professional groomers.


You will simply love how your pet looks when they walk in the salon. That sparkling fur, dazzling smile, and those soft little paws itching to be cuddled. You want that feeling to last a bit longer but the next appointment seems too far away. Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing, our professional groomers are here to share tips and tricks for grooming at home, between two appointments. Combined efforts will lead to the best results for your puppy to look fabulous on every occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are busy, these hacks will not require too much of your time and could be an awesome bonding experience for both you and your dog. It could even become your favorite ritual! 

doggy bath

Regular brushing for shiny dog mane

Does something smell bad but you can’t actually put your finger on it? Or maybe you really can put your finger on it, because you cuddle it regularly? A dog coat is very sensitive and it behaves like a sort of sponge, collecting smells, liquids, and other junk from all around it. So, what is the cure to prevent those nasty odors? Regular brushing, of course.

By doing this you will remove debris, dirt, and all that excess hair from your dog’s coat. We strongly recommend using the appropriate brush for your dog’s coat. Not all dogs should be using the same brush, as there are better tools for long hair, short hair, multi-rolled coats. Always be gentle in order to avoid irritating your pet’s skin. Regular brushing will support a soft and even dog coat, shining and begging for more cuddling. Brushing your dog should be a part of your everyday activities.

Give them baths! But be careful.

You should do this at least once a month. Dog’s skin is prone to drying so be careful to avoid irritation. If your pet simply loves to play outside, this must be a part of your home grooming activities. It is best for your pet to use professional products to avoid skin damage. We can give you advice on which products are best for your pet. It depends on their daily habits, age, and dog breed. We strongly suggest using mild, hypoallergenic products. 

Nail trimming at home – proper dog grooming at home

Homemade manicure and pedicure for puppers!

nail trimming

If you don’t want to change your shiny hardwood floors, then you should include nail trimming for your doggy on a regular basis. Both dogs and floors will be happy but dogs will express their joy. Jokes aside, their nails are growing at the exact speed as human nails. So it is very important to take good care of them. Trim their nails every 2 to 6 weeks. Cutting your dog’s nails will prevent nasty injuries – like their nails can curl under and easily break. Yes, this is as painful as it sounds so take good care of them.