Cleary Lake Dog Park

Located between Lakeville and Prior Lake, in Cleary Lake Regional Park—about 15 minutes southwest of Puppy Play and Stay. Cleary Lake Dog Park is a 28-acre fenced in, off-leash dog park in the outskirts of Prior Lake. It is heavily forested, with lots of trees/brush for your dog to sniff and explore. The trees also offer shade when you’re walking around the trails with your pup. The trails run throughout the center of the park and around the outside, creating plenty of new paths for your dog to explore. Towards the center of the park there is also a fenced in pond where the dogs can swim and cool off!

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Details and Facilities

  • Open 5 a.m.- 10 p.m. daily
  • Pass required- annual or daily. Daily is $7 and can be purchased from your phone with a credit card. Annual is $55 and gains you access to 9 dog off-leash areas run by the Three Rivers Park District throughout the metro.
  • Fenced, and has a fenced wetland pond
  • Restroom for humans
  • Water fountain with dog bowl at bottom- very clean! They have a hose attached as well.
  • Dog waste bags available
  • Many picnic tables and benches for sitting

Would I Recommend?

Yes! This is my favorite dog park I’ve ever visited. It is very well manicured and is worth the pass fees. The trails are dry and weren’t muddy. They provide clean water, and dog waste bags. There is a bathroom for humans that is larger than a porta potty. The pond was clear; however, it is early in the year so I’m unsure of how it gets later in the summer. If this park is out of the way for you, I still stay it is worth the drive! This is an easy to get to dog park if you live in Prior Lake, Lakeville, Burnsville, or Savage Area!

What to Keep in Mind with Dog Parks

Keep in mind with dog parks, it may be a different experience each time. When we visited, there were dogs of all sizes. The dogs that were there were friendly, but the behavior of other people’s dogs is so unpredictable. When visiting any dog park, be sure to always keep a close eye on your dog and other dogs. Including body language or any queues that may let you know it’s time to create some distance.

Don’t Want to Supervise? Try Dog Daycare!

If you’re interested in letting your pup play with other dogs in a more controlled environment than this where you personally don’t need to supervise—bring them to Puppy Play and Stay! Our daycare staff is highly trained to pay close attention to all dogs’ body language. Not only to make sure everyone is having an enjoyable time, but because safety is our top priority. We have indoor and outdoor play areas as well! Interested in setting up an orientation for you dog or learning more about what we have to offer? Give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Cleary Lake Dog Park-

6246 190th St E, Prior Lake, MN 55372