Quality of experience and service matters, and that’s why you should board your dogs with us!

Getting The Attention They Need 

As pet owners, we know our pets can feel stressed when we leave, even if it’s just a short period of time. When you board your dog with Puppy Play and Stay, they’ll be provided with a safe place to stay, and our staff will make sure they get plenty of attention to help them feel at ease and comfortable until you return. Our professional staff goes out of their way to provide dogs in their care with the best experience possible. Whether that includes one-on-one play or cuddles with a human staff member or play time inside or outdoors with other dogs—your dog will feel well loved and fawned over!

Socializing with New Friends

Most dogs, just like people, enjoy interaction with other canine and human friends. Pet sitters are great, but most of the time they can only stop by for a short period of time each day to care for your dogs. So, unless you can leave them with a friend or family member, they will be alone for most of the day, leading to more stress for you and your pup. When boarding at Puppy Play and Stay, your dogs will have their choice of other dogs and staff members to play and socialize with! Our facility features 2 large indoor playrooms where dogs can play as a group with other dogs. Our Ruffhouse Retreat is for our large, high-energy friends and the Puppy Playground is for our smaller, senior, and more mellow friends.

Plenty of Fresh Air

Puppy Play and Stay provides safe outdoor access for your dog  allowing them to play and run around in a controlled environment with supervision. This is something that may be difficult if you have a pet sitter and live in an apartment or have a yard without a fence. Our facility has two large play yards, totaling over 2,000 square feet of outdoor fun!

Good For Their Humans, too!

Since you can be sure your dog will be constantly supervised and cared for, this can provide you with tremendous peace of mind and help you relax while you’re away. When you board your furry friend at Puppy Play and Stay, you can even check on them with our Webcams in the play areas to see them playing with their new friends! Some of our suites offer Webcams as well, plus you can call any time to ask how your pet is doing, too!

What If Your Dog is a Lone Wolf?

Does your dog prefer to spend their time alone rather than with other dogs? That’s alright too! Our professional staff knows how to cater to dogs with all sorts of different personalities and preferences. The Lone Wolf can enjoy one on one time with members of our staff for extra cuddles or play time! So, you can still be sure they are getting attention, or relaxing the way that they want to!