Some dogs enjoy playing with other dogs, but some do not and that’s okay!

Does Your Dog Prefer to Keep to Themselves, Rather Than Spend Time Playing with Other Dogs?

Dogs are just like people; we all have different personalities and preferences. It isn’t out of the ordinary to have a dog who would rather be boarded alone and only spend time with human companions. No need to worry, that’s why we have a Lone Wolf Board Alone program at our kennel. Our experienced staff knows how to care for and make your dogs comfortable.

Lone Wolf (Board Alone) style dog boarding is for the dog who is—

  • Shy, or afraid of other dogs
  • Prefers humans
  • Elderly or mellow

Making Your Dog Feel at Home

We’re dog parents too, and we understand that it can be stressful for our pets when we leave, even if it’s just for a few days. Our staff has the training and tools needed to help your dog settle into their temporary space and feel comfortable, calm, and cared for until you return.  Even if your pup doesn’t want any group play, there’s still so many activities they can enjoy during their time with us!

Your dog can enjoy-

  • One on one playtime with a human friend
  • One on one cuddle time with a human friend
  • Fresh air and playtime in the outdoor play area 
  • Resting in their suite with a Kong Chew Toy (filled with a yogurt or peanut buttery treat)
  • Any Grooming Services   you would like to add on
  • All of this, while maintaining their preferred eating, medication, and potty break routines!