Why do dogs need rest or alone time at daycare?

We know you send your pup to daycare to have a great time — frolicking in the fresh air, playing with canine friends, and releasing their energy!  Incorporating rest breaks can make a dog’s experience at doggie daycare more enjoyable. Here’s why many dogs need a bit of downtime, even at daycare.

Dogs have their own personal thresholds for social activity- just like us!

Just like you and maybe your partner or friends have differences in your social energy, such as differences in how long you wish to stay at a party or social event, dogs are just the same. Each dog has their own tolerance level for spending time with their fellow pups.

Some dogs love playing all day with a group of canine pals. Others play with one or two doggie friends before settling down to relax in the sun. And some have a threshold for the length of social time they enjoy, after which they may become overwhelmed.

Our professional staff will observe each pup’s personality, body language, and behavior to ensure they are happy and comfortable to continue playing. If they see any signs that a dog is feeling stressed or overstimulated, we allow them to take a break and rest. Allowing the dog time to refresh and decompress before returning to the group.

Rest and naps are healthy

The health and wellbeing of your dog is our number one priority. As dog care specialists, we also understand that most dogs don’t need 8 hours of intense physical activity. In fact, too much exercise can cause over-exhaustion and weaken the immune system, leaving dogs more susceptible to illness.

It’s also important to know that dogs require more sleep than us humans, and they’re sleeping schedules differ. It’s normal for adult dogs to sleep an average of 8-14 hours per day, younger puppies will sleep even more! Unlike humans, dogs sleep on and off throughout the day. Getting their 8-14 hours of sleep through their frequent naps, rather than all at once.

Rest doesn’t have to mean sleep either. First, think of doggie daycare as a mental and physical workout for your dog. Therefore, it’s important to allow their muscles to relax to prevent injuries. As well as allowing their mind a rest to prevent overstimulation.

Feeling overstimulated can lead to stress and negative behaviors

The health and safety of your dog are top priority for us. Coming to daycare is likely the most exciting and stimulating part of your dog’s day. It’s a great way for your pup to socialize and release energy but we want to make sure that with all the excitement, everyone is remaining safe.

When dogs feel overstimulated, they can become anxious which may lead to reduced impulse control or other unhealthy behaviors. It’s important to our staff to monitor dogs in their care and watch for dogs who may be so excited that they ignore other dog’s boundaries or body language during play.

Our staff is constantly guiding dogs to promote positive behaviors and healthy socialization skills, while safely redirecting unwanted behaviors. This is especially important for young puppies who are still learning how to play and engage with other dogs. These skills last a lifetime and it’s important to handle their learning process with patience and care, while also making safety the top priority.

Rest breaks help dogs develop well-balanced skills and behavior

Once a dog has taken a rest break, they can rejoin the group refreshed! Getting away for a bit to relax, level out their emotions, and refresh does wonders for their learning. It allows a strong platform for learning new skills and play behavior. It’s important to develop a healthy relationship with other dogs and the daycare environment. By allowing the dogs rest when they need it, this helps us to help them put their best “paw” forward and learn lifelong lessons while also having fun! Reach out to us at Puppy Play and Stay to learn more about daycare or boarding for your beloved pet!