We love seeing your dogs and want them to stay healthy so they can keep coming back to visit!

For most dog owners, our animals are like our children, and we treat them as such. We give them all the love, attention, and affection we can afford. Your pet’s happiness and health begin in the home, but we at Puppy Play and Stay can help too! Here are some tips to keep your dog feeling their best.

Proper Nutrition

Your dog’s food should contain high quality ingredients. Try to avoid foods that use meat by-products or fillers and look for foods that contain the basic elements of nutrients that a dog needs. Including vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Consult your veterinarian about what foods would be best for your dog. Remember when you take your pet for daycare or boarding, to inform the staff of any special diet requirements.

Visit a Veterinarian

Establish a regular vet who can get to know you and your dog. They will be able to advise you on all different aspects of caring for your pup. They can administer regular vaccinations and tips to keep your dog healthy. A veterinarian will evaluate your dog’s health and can give advice on grooming, nutrition, exercise, and more to keep your dog happy and feeling their best.

Regular Grooming

Keeping your pet’s coat clean and trim is an essential element of their physical and mental well-being. Depending on your dog’s coat, they may need more regular grooming for good hygiene. Keeping fur out of their eyes and maintaining cleanliness overall. It’s also important to ensure they get a regular nail trimming, to prevent them from growing too long and getting uncomfortable. If a long nail breaks, it can lead to a lot of pain for your dog and a costly vet bill for you.

Provide Exercise and Stimulation

Our pets rely on us for their exercise. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are vital to your pups mental and physical health. If they don’t get enough activity, this can lead to boredom and unwanted behaviors. Bored dogs will often get into things or maybe chew up a shoe in frustration. It can be hard to blame them when they are relying on us to help them stay busy and satisfied. A great way to get them regular exercise and socialization is by bringing them into see us for doggie daycare! They can burn some energy, make some new friends, and build confidence. After a day at Puppy Play and Stay, your dog will come home ready for a relaxed and quiet evening so you can do the same!