Preparing your home for the arrival of your new puppy?

Welcoming a new puppy is so exciting and maybe a bit overwhelming with everything there is to do and remember. From getting the new supplies, developing a new routine, to making sure your house is safe and ready! Though puppies are oh-so-sweet, they can be mischievous as well! Let’s do our best to keep them safe and protect your stuff, too. Here are some things to consider when getting your home ready for your new pet.

Electrical Cords- Move them out of reach, or string them through cord concealers. If your dog chews these it can cause burns to the mouth or electrical shock.

Batteries- Keep items with batteries out of your dog’s reach, and make sure remote backs are secure.

Trash- Get a garbage can that locks or keep your garbage can out of reach or in a cabinet.

Purses, Backpacks, and Other Bags- Keep these out of reach, to prevent them being ruined or your dog choking on strings and straps.

Dog-Proof Rugs- Remove expensive rugs while your puppy is working on their potty training and opt for more dog-proof, washable rugs!

House Plants- Remove houseplants that could be poisonous, or anything your dog could knock over.

Close The Toilet Lid- So the puppy won’t drink out of the toilet or fall in.

Medications- Place all your medications, and your pet’s medicines up in a safe place. Dogs can easily chew through a plastic pill container.

Cleaning Products and Household Chemicals- Secure cleaning supplies in an enclosed area away from your pets. Also consider using pet-safe cleaning products that are less toxic.

Couch Covers- There are stylish couch covers you can find to help protect your furniture from fur, stains, or tears.

Small Objects- Be careful not to leave jewelry, socks, bobby pins, q-tips, or any small objects within your dog’s reach. Dogs can eat these and create blockages in their stomachs, which will lead to an emergency vet visit or worse. If your dog ingests something they shouldn’t, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Litter Box- Many puppies or dogs may like to explore the cat’s litter box. Disgusting, yes, but it also can be dangerous.


We love our dogs, and we would love to see your new puppy too! Schedule daycare, a dog boarding stay, or a grooming appointment with us when your new pup is ready!