Are you training your dog to ride in the car? Or wondering about how to make your travels with your pup safer?

Some dogs love riding in the car headed to daycare, and some don’t get so excited about car rides. Here are some tips to keep them, and you, safe!

Ride in the Back Seat

The best place for your dog to be in the car is the back seat. Riding on your lap or the passenger’s lap is dangerous for both you and your dog. A dog in the front seat can distract the driver, be unpredictable, and possible cause a car accident. In the event of an accident, air bags can crush pets in the font sear even if they’re inside a carrier.


There are adjustable hammock/seat covers available for purchase. These will cover the back seat and create a barrier from the front and back seats. This helps to prevent dogs from trying to come up to the front and either bump or distract you while you’re driving.

Keep Them Contained

Small dogs are going to be best protected when inside a pet carrier. This will prevent them from climbing around from front to back, getting in your way, or even down be your feet near the pedals. For nervous dogs, this also gives them their own small space to feel secure, rather than bouncing around.

Keep Heads Inside

Dog’s love sticking their heads out the window of your car, but this can also pose safely threats as well. If you were to stop abruptly, get in a fender bender, or your dog sees something, they could jump out of the window and get injured or worse.

Whether you are hopping in the car to come to daycare, or simply taking your pup for a drive, we care about their safety! These are some simple pointers to help ease any car ride related worries. Next, we will touch on making car rides more enjoyable for the pets who aren’t so thrilled!