Looking for ways to make riding in the car more enjoyable for your dog?

As a dog parent, it’s ideal to be able to bring your pup with you anywhere. But when it comes to car rides, some dogs are uncomfortable, whether due to motion sickness or unfamiliar surroundings. Here are some tips that could potentially help to ease your dog when riding in the car.

Gradually Increase Ride Length

When first introducing the car, it’s important to start slow. First start with introducing the parked car. Bring your pup in, offer them treats and maybe sit with them in the car for a few minutes. It’s important for them to get gradually exposure to the new surrounds, and to know that they will be getting back out of the car again. Then start with short trips in the car, and gradually increase trip length over time.

Comfort and The Right Equipment

Firstly, dogs are less likely to experience motion sickness if they’re facing forward. Try using a dog hammock in the back seat to cover your seats, prevent your dog from coming up in the front seat, and to give them their own space. It’s also wise to try to make the space a little more comfortable for your pup. Try bringing their favorite blanket or a cuddly toy to have with them during the ride.

Positive Destination

Our pups are smart, if you only take them in the car to go to the vet, they will remember. When introducing the car to your dog or trying to create more positive experiences, it’s important to include a positive destination. Try trips to see a favorite relative, play at the dog park, head to the beach, or hit the drive thru for a treat! Then in the future, your pup will be excited to go in the car because of the possibilities of where the car may take them!

Travel on an Empty Stomach

Many dogs will experience motion sickness in the car at some time in their lives. If this is a concern for your dog, try fasting them for 2-4 hours before the car ride. If your pup experiences motion sickness and becomes ill this can create negative feelings towards the car since it’s associated with nausea and vomiting. If this is something that happens with your pup and is consistent, talk with your vet about other ways to alleviate your dog’s motion sickness.

We want your pup to LOVE car rides! Whether they are headed out for a cruise or coming to visit us at Puppy Play and Stay for a day of fun at daycare! Contact us if you think daycare or boarding with us would be a good fit for your dog.