Boarding Your New Puppy?

As dog owners, we wish we could take our furry friends everywhere, but it’s not always possible. While the separation can be a stressful experience for both you and your new puppy, boarding them can give you the peace of mind that your pup will be given the care and attention they need by our caring and highly trained staff.

Preparing to board your puppy for the first time is the best way to ensure that both you and your pup are ready to have an enjoyable boarding experience. If you are worried about boarding your puppy while you’re getting ready for your extended time away, consider these tips to get your puppy set up for success and to help you relax as well.

Make Sure Your Puppy’s IDs Are Up to Date

Double check that your pet’s identification information is up to date before you leave them at a boarding facility. Your pup’s collar should have an ID tag with your phone number, at least. If your puppy is microchipped, verify that the information is correct.

It’s also important to verify the emergency contact information that the boarding facility has on file is up to date as well. Having additional emergency contacts on file helps to make sure your puppy is covered in an event where you cannot be reached.

Make Sure Your Puppy Has Had Their Vaccinations

Many pet boarding facilities require puppies and dogs to be updated with their vaccinations. This is to ensure the safety of your puppy and the other dogs at the facility. We don’t want your puppy, or any other dog in our care to get sick while they’re with us. Therefore, it’s important that they are fully vaccinated prior to spending time around other dogs.

Ask your veterinarian to update your pup on all vaccinations and speak with your vet about any concerns you may have about leaving your pup. Make sure they supply you with copies of your puppy’s vaccination record when you leave.

Adjust Sleeping Habits

If your puppy sleeps with you in your bed each night, you can likely expect them to be upset with sleeping alone at the boarding facility. Do your best to get your pup adjusted to sleeping by themselves if you believe this could be a hurdle for them!

Be Mindful of What You’re Feeding Your Puppy

Some pet owners might want to give their puppy extra treats or table scraps because they feel guilty about having to leave them soon. Although you might feel like this is a way to show extra love, keep in mind that your pup might have some anxiety when first arriving. Which in turn, could upset their little stomachs, so it’s best to keep a healthy and consistent diet. This will help to avoid any additional tummy aches for your dog.  Be sure to let the facility know about any specific feeding instructions as well.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the professionals at Puppy Play and Stay prior to your puppy’s boarding visit with us! We look forward to seeing you and your pup in the future.