How old should a puppy be before boarding?

Bringing a puppy to a daycare or boarding facility for the first time is a big step for you and them! A puppy’s age is an important factor for when they can begin heading to daycare or boarding.

4 Months Old

All puppies must be 4 months old before coming to Puppy Play and Stay for an Orientation Day. An Orientation Day must be completed before arranging a boarding stay.

Why 4 Months?

  • This is generally when all puppies have had all their shots. The regular immunization schedule is important, and it’s a layer of protection against common canine illnesses dogs could encounter when around other dogs. We want to protect your pup, and all the other pups in our care the best we can!
  • Not only have they had their shots, but this age allows them time to develop their immune system more. Which is important before heading out into the big world and meeting new friends.
  • By this age, they are a bit more independent and have adjusted to the point where they can begin taking on new adventures.
  • They’ve had time to receive some training and learn the ropes at home. We can help to continue to reward them for their good behaviors while they learn how to apply their skills outside of the home.

Benefits to Boarding and Daycare at a Young Age


Socializing dogs from a young age is so important. With that being said, it needs to be done correctly and with great care. It’s important for dogs to learn how to not only play with other dogs but co-exist within the same space. Young dogs should have supervision, and guidance when leaning to socialize. Not only to help encourage good behaviors from the pup, but also for their own safety. Puppy Play and Stay is a wonderful way to get your dog out and socializing in a controlled environment with our staff as their guides.


We all know young dogs and puppies can either snooze all day or have lots of energy to burn! At Puppy Play and Stay, we can supervise play and exercise to make sure your dog is safely letting off steam and having fun. When your dog is ready for a break, we can give them a quiet place to rest if they need it too.

At Puppy Play and Stay, we are constantly observing the dogs, playing with them, watching their body language, and checking in with them if they may need a break. A structured environment such as this is a great way to guide your young puppy into adulthood, helping them learn new skills they will use for the rest of their lives. If you’re interested in setting up an Orientation Day for your puppy, contact us. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Be sure to always consult your veterinarian about health concerns, or if there is anything Puppy Play and Stay should know. We look forward to seeing you and your pup!